Global Equipment Exporters - Let us find your next piece of construction, heavy equipment or machinery
Global Equipment Exporters - Let us find your next piece of construction, heavy equipment or machinery and transport it to your destination domestically or internationally
Purchase Process

Step 1 – Determine Your Needs

The process begins when you provide us with your contact information and tell us the specific equipment or parts that you would like Global Equipment Exporters to locate for you. Simply complete either the Equipment Request Form or the Parts Request Form and we will contact you to ensure we have a complete understanding of your business needs.

Step 2 – Locate Desired Equipment

In the next step in the process, Global Equipment Exporters searches our extensive network of dealers to locate multiple pieces of equipment that match your price range and model request. We then provide pictures and information about each piece of equipment for your review.

Step 3 – Selection and Inspection

After the prospective buyer selects the desired piece of equipment, Global Equipment Exporters will obtain an oil analysis and a complete equipment condition report and send to the buyer for review.

Step 4 – Acquire

After the decision is made to buy the equipment, Global Equipment Exporters will work with the sellers to acquire the equipment at the very best price passing the savings on to you. We will provide a complete quotation which includes the purchase price and all services required to ship the equipment to your desired port. The purchaser will then wire the funds to our bank and we begin the purchase process upon receipt.

Step 5 – Ship

Upon acquisition, Global Equipment Exporters completes the process of transporting the equipment within the United States or exporting the equipment internationally. This includes all preparation and paperwork required for export, loading the equipment into the container, and delivery to the port of departure. The container is then loaded on a cargo ship and delivered to your designated port. Used equipment will be steam cleaned prior to shipment to ensure it is free of contaminants. Smaller pieces of equipment like parts and hand tools can be shipped by UPS.

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